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Debit Card Application

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Debit/MasterCard Terms and Conditions

The undersigned (I or We) in consideration of Bellco Federal Credit Union (you or your) issuing to me a Debit MasterCard herby agrees to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions.

1. Accounts and Uses of Debit MasterCard. I have the account(s) including such transactions, savings and/or credit (loan) account(s) with you set forth on my application form. I hereby request that you issue to me one or more Debit MasterCards to be used in connection with such accounts as described in this agreement. I understand I may use the Debit MasterCard at any retail establishment (merchant) where Debit MasterCard is accepted to purchase goods and services and/or obtain cash where permitted by the Merchant. If I use the Debit MasterCard to make a purchase, I shall be requesting you to withdraw funds in the amount of such purchased (including any cash received by the Merchant) from my primary transaction account designated on my application form and directing or ordering you to pay such funds to the Merchant. I request that you provide to me such other services or access to other ATM systems or networks using Debit MasterCard which you make available which you advise me are offered in connection with my accounts set forth on my application form. I also understand that from time to time I may request in writing that you provide access to additional accounts of mine through the Debit MasterCard you have issued to me. I agree that the uses of the Debit MasterCard described in this agreement shall be subject to the rules and regulations for each account which is accessed by such a card.

2. Use of personal identification number (PIN) with the Debit MasterCard. I understand that an ATM is an automated teller machine. It can and will perform many of the same tasks as a human teller. I acknowledge that the Personal Identification Number or PIN which I use with the Debit MasterCard is my signature, identifies the bearer of the card to the ATM and authenticates and validates the directions given just as my actual signature and other proof identify me and authenticate and validate my directions to a human teller. I also understand that a Merchant which accepts the Debt Debit MasterCard for a purchase transaction may have an electronic terminal (merchant operated or self-service) which requires the use of my PIN and when my PIN is used at the Merchants terminal, it will authenticate and validate the directions given just as my actual signature will authenticate and validate my directions given to you. I acknowledge that my PIN is an identification code that is personal and confidential and that the use of the Pin with the Debit MasterCard is a security method by which you are helping me to maintain the security of my accounts. Therefore, I agree to take all reasonable precautions that no one else learns my PIN.

3. Liability for Unauthorized Transaction. I agree to contact you immediately if I believe that the Debit MasterCards issued to me or my PIN has been lost or stolen or money is missing from my accounts. I also agree that if my monthly statement shows transaction which I did not make, and I do not contact you within 60 days after the statement was mailed to me, I may not get back any money lost after that time. I agree that if I give my Debit MasterCard and PIN to someone else to use, I am authorizing them to act on my behalf and I will be responsible for any use of the cards by them.

4. How to contact the Debit MasterCard services. I agree to contact the Debit MasterCard Services immediately, if I believe that the Debit MasterCard issued to me or my PIN has been lost or stolen or that an unauthorized transfer or purchase from any of my accounts has occurred or might occur by phoning, and by confirming such information in writing to you at: Bellco Federal Credit Union, 609 Spring Street, Wyomissing, PA 19610 610-373-5192.

5. Charges. I agree to pay the charges or transaction fees which are charged by you for these services or for services which may later be offered as such fees or charges may be imposed or changed from time to time.

6. Deposits. I agree that when I make a deposit at an ATM that you have the right to verify the deposit before you make the money available to me. If I deliver cash, checks, or other items to an ATM, I understand and acknowledge that the funds from my deposit may not be available for immediate withdrawal and that the availability of my deposit shall depend on your rules and regulations regarding the particular account in which I am making a deposit, the items that I am depositing and whether the deposit is made at an ATM that is owned by you or another financial institution. I also understand and acknowledge that not all ATMs may accept deposits and some ATMS may limit the amount of funds that are deposited, and you may not control these limits.

7. Liability. If the Debit MasterCard is issued for a joint account, we agree to be jointly and severally liable under the terms of the Agreement and the agreement for such account. I agree that if I make a deposit to my account with items other than cash and you make the funds available to me from such deposits prior to their collection, I agree that you may deduct the amounts of such funds from my account which are not collected or, if the funds in my account are insufficient at such time, I will promptly pay to you any amount such funds which are not collected.

8. Amendment of this agreement. I agree that from time to time you may amend or change this agreement including amendments or changes to add further Debit MasterCard services or to amend or change the charges for these services. You may do so by notifying me in writing of such amendments or changes and my use of the Debit MasterCard after the effective date of any such amendment or change shall constitute my acceptance of and agreement to such amendment or change.

9. Ownership. I agree that the Debit MasterCard is your property and I will surrender it to you upon your request. I agree that the Debit MasterCard is non transferable.

10. Disclosures. I hereby acknowledge the receipt of the disclosure statement informing me of my rights under the Electronic Fund Transfer Act.
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